Surf Season in Anajawan picks up in the beginning of October and by the time December and January rolls in, we start to see barrels with exciting swell heights (3-5 ft. on average).

Surf spots are located within the waters surrounding Anajawan and its three neighbour islands (10-25 minutes away via boat). Apart from the three just off of Anajawan’s west and east coats (accessible via paddle/walk), here are a few more breaks:

La Januza Island- kilometers of multiple peaks breaking left and right (similar to the surf breaks of Cemetery/Pesengan off of Siargao’s coast).

Mamon Island- right-hander, reef break, easy take-off.

Maguntug- left-hander, easy take-off.


Period: End of November-February)

Monsoon season in Siargao arrives at a later time than it does for rest of the Philippines. Periods of rain are prolonged and a number of typhoons develop around the area. This should be considered when preparing a trip to Anajawan, giving a few days allowance between the departure date from Anajawan for General Luna/mainland Siargao, and from mainland Siargao to your next destination. In the event unfavourable weather conditions cause you to be stranded for a couple of days, you do not have to drastically change your travel itinerary.


The Hero!

Island Life has surfboads, stand up paddle boards, reef shoes, rashgards, snorkeling goggles and bankas (pumpboats) for rent.

Sunscreen and surfboard wax are for sale but we advise that you have enough with you when you arrive.

Island Life has 8 boards for rent.

2 Funboards

7’0 x 21’
6.9 x 20’4/5

1 Fish

5.1 x 22‘1/4

3 Short boards

6.0 x 18‘1/2
6.2 x 20’
6.0 x 18‘5/8

2 Stand Up Paddle boards

8.5 x 28‘5/8
8.1 x 29‘1/2


Surfboard 1 Day(calendar day)= 500PP
1 hour Surf lesson (with board and instructor) = 500 PP
Surf guide 1 Day = 1000 PP