Anajawan Island, where Island Life Hostel is located, is part of General Luna, Siargao Islands’ primary surf town. We have a 50 meter beach-front on the west side of the island, with two beautiful right-handers breaking and a perfect view of the sunset. Our only neighbors are the animals in the farm.. and those in the wild!

A third of Anajawan’s surf spots can be found on the opposite side of the island. A long, left-hander is a seven-minute walk from the hostel and short paddle from the shore of the solitary village/local community in Anajawan, population 400. (See SURFING/MONSOON “Rainy” SEASON for more on the surf spots/conditions.)

Anajawan is one of four islands south east of General Luna (1.5 hours away via pumpboat), half-way to Cantilan (a surf town in the next province). The small local popuation live without electricity and make a living by fishing and harvesting coconuts (that is then used to produce a variety of items including virgin coconut oil, etc.). There are no streets or vehicles in Anajawan—not even motorbikes! Life on the island is very simple, and right down to the essence of things.

About Island Life

Island Life Hostel is the only accommodation out here, providing unique and easy-access to this portion of the Pacific. With two of our own boats, one can island-hop from one virgin island to the next around which empty surf breaks stretching for kilometers peel for no one but you. The island of Soccoro, where the famed Sohoton Caves lie (an underground river leading into pristine lagoons, sanctuary to thousands of stingless-jellyfish) is also most accessible from Island Life.

Island Life is about the way we participate and engage in nature through various activities:

  • SURF / Monsoon “Rainy” Season
  • Diving / Summer Seeason
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Swimming
  • YOGA
  • Trek the Hills of Anajawan (at sunrise and sunset)
  • Watch the Sunset
  • Walk the entire island(2.5 hours)
  • Climb coconut trees
  • Night swimming on the full-moon
  • Visit the Barangay (Town) of Anajawan and meet its People
  • Fishing with the local fishermen (day and night)
  • Island-hopping to La Januza, Mamon, Maguntug and Corregidor
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Lay in the Hammock
  • Sit around the campfire
  • Play the Ukulele ore the Beatbox
  • Go for Karaoke at the Boullevard
  • Try beating Loloy at chess
  • Count falling stars and fireballs
  • Explore Siargao
  • Relax
  • Or do nothing all day ;)

Things to Remember

  • Island Life – Hostel is a Hostel. You could be up to 10 People in one bahay kubo (native bungalow).
  • The toilettes/showers are seperated between male and female guests.
  • We do cook for our guests among which expenses are shared.
  • SURF season is RAINY season (October- February). Pack a raincoat and jackets/hoodies. Waterproof your items including: notebooks, mobiles, cameras and Mp3 players.
  • You should be outdoorsy. If you’re uncomfortable in the wilderness you may not be happy here.
  • Expect all kinds of weather conditions.
  • The next big hospital is in Surigao (2.5 hours from Siargao via commercial ferry). A smaller hospital is located in Dapa Town, Siargao (1.5 hours from Anajawan via pumpboat).
  • We are out in the wild/jungle—there are snakes, scorpions and centipedes on Anajawan Island.
  • Island Life uses SOLAR ENERGY so please understand in case you can not charge your personal belongings.
  • If you don’t like socializing, meeting new people and sharing spaces you may not be so happy here.
  • There is no ATM on Anajawan Island.
  • There is no shopping mall or Jollybee/McDonald’s on Anajawan Island