Point of Origin

Cebu, in the Visayas, is the main point of origin considering its general accessibility (with the Mactan International Airport), short distance to Siargao Island, and availability of travel modes/options


Sayak Airport, Siargao Island At present, it is only from Mactan, Cebu that one can take a direct flight into Siargao Island with the Cebu Pacific (local) airline. Flying once daily, ticket reservations can be made online (, with most travel agencies. Flying time is approximately 40 minutes. General Luna (main tourist town where Cloud 9 is located) is 45-60 minutes away from Sayak, depending on your transportation (car or "habal-habal" extended-seat motor bike). All Liquid Body’s packages/programs come with airport/seaport transfers. Mainland Surigao City Direct flights to mainland Surigao City are available from the capital city, Manila, or Cebu. Two domestic airlines fly these routes: Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific Air. Flying time is approximately 1.5 hours (from Manila) or 45 minutes (from Cebu). From Surigao City, Siargao Island is accessible by ferry/boat. Boats are taken from the port (15 minutes from the Surigao City domestic airport) and travel time is between 2.5-4 hours depending on the type of vessel you take. Be conscious of you the time your flight gets into Surigao City. You may have to stay overnight if you miss any of the ferries.


Cokaliong, Lapu-Lapu City Port A less expensive alternative to flying is the Cokaliong Ship taken from the port in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, docking in the port of Surigao. The Cokaliong departs at 7 p.m. daily. Tickets can be purchased on the departure date up to one and a half hours before departure. Travel time is from 9 hours (arriving at 4:00 am the following day) or 13 hours (arriving at 8:00 am the following day) depending on the ship’s route for the day. Surigao City Port to Dapa Port, Siargao Island 3 ferries from the port of Surigao to Dapa Port in Siargao Island are available at 5:45 AM, 10:45 AM and 12:00 noon daily. Tickets can be purchased at the port on the day of departure, at least one and a half hours before departure (ferries are usually full).


Island Life has two Bankas (Pumpboats). One is big (fits 20 passengers) and the other one is small (fits 5 passengers).The small one is only use when the Ocean is in good conditions.When it gets to choppy we use the big Banka only.We do fetch and bring our Guests to/from Generel Luna ore Dapa.We do Island hopping tours as well.
Rates; General Luna – Anajawan Island Life = 1000 PP
Anajawan Island Life – General Luna = 1000 PP
Dapa- Anajawan Island Life = 900 PP
Anajawan Island Life – La Januza,Mamon,Maguntug and back to Anajawan Island Life (Is.hopping-Tour)= 700 PP
Divided by the amount of passengers or guests.