This hostel for backpackers, surfers, and nature-lovers has two native bungalows (bahay kubo) following the area’s traditional construction techniques with local materials (including bamboo, nipa or roofing made from palm trees, and amakan or woven tree-fibres) effectively and in an environmentally sustainable-fashion sheltering you from the heat while managing the strong sea breeze blowing into shore especially at night. To each room, 5 double-decked beds (“boyscout style”) and a mezzanine with one king-sized bed (ideal for couples), make for a comfortable and novel shelter.

Like our rooms, shower and toilette cabins are communal (but separated between male and female). They are spacious and high-ceilinged, with two shower cabins in each of the male and female areas. There are three toilette cabins for the females, one toilette cabin and three pisoirs for the men. A water-pump outside the baths can be used for showers for you and your surfboard after a session.

Island Life has many spaces for rest, relaxation and enjoyment including our lounge [insert picture], fireplace, dining, and beach bar ! (check Food & Drinks for more information.)

Completing this idyllic life is our seedling nursery and organic farm; our plan is to be completely self-sustaining in the next few years. We encourage our guests to take part in the food preparation that begins from the ground, picking the freshest ingredients. For our meats, we have pigs, goats, chicken, rabbits, and ducks.

The Hero!


1 Night / person = 200 Php
1 Month / person = 5,000 Php
(food and drinks not included)